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Pursued since the foundation of the company in 1957
Genuine sharpness and ease of use

Echigo Uchihamono is one of the representative production areas of Uchihamono. Kawasei Cutlery is a manufacturer of Echigo Uchihamono that produces and sells engraving knives and wood carving chisels in the area of Yoita, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. Since its establishment, the company has carefully crafted each of its products by hand, with "sharpness" and "ease of use" in mind for the user. We hope you will try our knives, which are loved, appreciated, and used continuously by our customers, and which harmonize beauty and skill.

History of Kawasei mfg
History of Kawasei mfg
History of Kawasei mfg
History of Kawasei mfg

With the times
From Craftsman's Tools to Hobbyists' Tools

Founded in 1957 in Yoita-cho, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, which is known as the town of Echigo hammered blades and cultivated by tradition and climate, Seigen* mainly manufactured wood carving chisels and special blades used by carpenters.
The number of companies manufacturing percussion blades, of which there were many at the time of the company's founding, decreased as the demand for carpenters' tools declined, and the company shifted to the manufacture and sale of tools used in the hobby world, mainly carving knives.
In shifting from craftsmen's tools to hobby tools, we have always considered tools that are easy to use for the general public, and through trial and error, we have pursued "genuine sharpness and ease of use" from the user's perspective.
Today, Seigen III has taken over the traditions of Echigo Uchihamono and the ideas of Seigen I, and continues to manufacture and sell them together with his employees.

*What is Seigen?

Seigen: The trade name of the first generation and the brand name of our products.

The Iroha maple is a maple tree that bears the name "Seigen" (meaning "the clear and bright red leaves").
The name "Iroha" is said to come from the Japanese word "iroha nihoheto," which is used to count the order in Japanese, and was used to count the number of cuts on the leaves.
We want you to learn Iroha and use a high quality blade with good sharpness properly from the beginning.
Such parental love is expressed in the gentle design.

Kawasei mfg's Commitment
Kawasei mfg's Commitment
Kawasei mfg's Commitment
Kawasei mfg's Commitment

Using Steel Differently For long-lasting use

Our engraving knives and wood carving chisels are made of Yasuki steel, which is considered the highest grade of steel. Yasuki steel is a steel from which impurities that affect sharpness have been removed to the utmost limit, and is classified into Kigami, Shirogami, and Aogami according to its hardness and tenacity.
Our wood carving chisels are made of Shirogami and Aogami, and our engraving knives are made of Aogami super, which is rarely used in Japan. By using different steels, our products are easy to use for the general public.

1. Kigami

Kigami is a steel from which impurities are removed from JIS SK material used for general household knives.

2. Shirogami

Shirogami is a steel from which impurities are further removed and carbon is added. Generally, blades that are called "high-grade blades" are made from this type of steel. It is an easy-to-handle steel with a good balance of sharpness, wear resistance, and ease of sharpening. Shirogami is classified by carbon content as Shirogami No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3, with No. 1 being the hardest steel.

3. Aogami

Aogami is the hardest and most abrasion-resistant of the Yasuki steels, to which tungsten and chromium are added. High resistance to abrasion means long-lasting sharpness. Aogami is classified into Aogami Super, Aogami No. 1, and Aogami No. 2, with Aogami Super being the hardest and most abrasion-resistant steel.



Good sharpness and its durability

This is an engraving knife made of Yasuki steel, Aogami Super, which is rare in Japan.
Aogami Super is the hardest steel among Yasuki steels, and is characterized by its excellent sharpness and long-lasting sharpness.

Wood Chisel

Balance between sharpness and ease of sharpening

Since tapping chisels are prone to chipping if steel that is merely hard is used, Shirogami, which has a good balance of hardness and tenacity among Yasuki steels, is used.
This steel is not only sharp but also easy to sharpen, so it is recommended for intermediate users who sharpen by themselves.

Kitchen knife

A dream knife with three kinds of good qualities

This knife is made of stainless steel with powdered HSS split into it. It is truly a "dream knife" that is sharp, long-lasting, and rust-resistant.
It is a "dream knife" that can be recommended for both ordinary households and professional chefs.


Name: Kawasei Knife Industry Co.
Location: 2411-1, Hon Yoita, Yoita-cho, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata 940-2403, Japan
Contact: TEL +810258722627
Business activities: Manufacture and sale of carving knives, wood carving chisels, and kitchen knives
Year Established: February 1987
Representative: Taiki Kawano
Number of employees: 9

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